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Liahna Toy: Supporting the Growth of Neuroscience Trials Australia

Beginning a new role at Neuroscience Trials Australia with a newly completed MBA under her belt, Liahna Toy is looking to bring her experience from her previous roles within contract research organisations, biotechnology and her degree to support Neuroscience Trials Australia’s strategic business development activities. Her experience in business development and proposal management will be of tremendous value in catalysing the growth of the organisation.

Liahna has over 10 years of experience of coordinating business development activities in the industry. However, she began her career “unintentionally,” encountering the clinical trials sector during her gap year before she started university. Here, she relished the opportunities to grow, embraced the fast-paced environment and worked with some incredible industry leaders who inspired her to pursue a career in the industry.

From there, her deep passion in clinical trials has only grown, “No day is ever the same and there are always opportunities to learn about new drugs, indications, patient populations or disease prevalence,” commented Liahna.

Motivated by the mantra “whatever you do, do it well”, Liahna has refined her ability to establish long-term working relationships in the industry, a critical element when considering clinical trials. Over the years, as her interest in clinical trials has grown, so has her networks. “The industry is highly collaborative and I am proud to be a part of the network we have here in Australia. There are so many opportunities for collaborations that support the development of emerging medicines for people in need.”

The passion with which Liahna works also shapes the way she lives outside of office hours. She regards her family and friends as a major force in her life, helping her develop a strong and resilient work ethic who loves a challenge. She cannot wait to begin travelling again and would love to live abroad someday.

When asked about her favourite story in clinical trials and biomedical research, Liahna replied, “ I love to hear stories from patients who participated in clinical trials as a care option and they had positive results. These stories always reinforce to me the critical role we play in this process.”

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