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New to Neuro

From intern to Clinical Research Associate, Atanas Janevski is right at home in the world of clinical trials.

Atanas Janevski

Two years ago, Atanas Janevski joined the Neuroscience Trials Australia team. His journey started with us as an intern while completing his Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Pharmaceutical Science) from RMIT University. Mind you, he already held a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry and Microbiology) from La Trobe University. Talk about a science lover.

Atanas says he loves learning from the experienced and dedicated team, ‘it’s an honour to work with them’. He particularly enjoys working in Neuroscience Trials Australia’s niche therapeutic areas.

‘We were so impressed with Atanas’s work ethic, knowledge base and skills, that at the completion of his internship in 2016, we hired him in the role of Clinical Research Associate (CRA)’ said Dr Tina Soulis, CEO. ‘It’s so great to have him as part of our team – he is a real asset and always ready to assist. For us, our internships provide an invaluable opportunity not only to contribute to the growth and development of the clinical trials sector, but to identify and cultivate talent internally. We view the best outcome from an internship being able to continue the role into paid employment’.

Atanas reveals he is particularly thrilled and grateful to continue working on the projects he was involved in during his internship year. Now he is working on Phase I and II clinical trials across medicinal product (drug) and medical device trials in Alzheimer’s Disease and oncology.

We asked Atanas what a normal day looks like for him as a CRA.  ‘There is no such thing as a normal day for a CRA’ Atanas replied (with a broad smile on his face), ‘that’s what makes the job so interesting. I work on a number of different trials each day at differing stages of the trial cycle (e.g. start up, active) with their own specific targets.’ He continues, ‘I can be doing anything on any given day.  Assembling trial related documentation, reviewing subject related logs, monitoring completed CRF’s (source data verification) against source documentation, reviewing informed consent documents, ensuring protocol adherence, reviewing an investigational product, resolving queries, conducting an adverse event review, participating and contributing to discussions with site staff pertaining to site performance. I can be doing any number of these in one day or all’.

Atanas reflects on one of his highlights so far – his involvement in a clinical trial around the use of Cannabidiol (CBD oil) as a treatment for epilepsy in paediatric populations. He was part of the recent re-scheduling of CBD oil to schedule 4 from schedule 8 and 9. It is now no longer recognised as a prohibited substance by the TGA, but rather a prescription only medicine.

We look forward to watching Atanas continue his career journey in the world of clinical trials. If his start is anything to go by, we expect it to be a very successful career.