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ShareRoot and Neuroscience Trials Australia enter a collaboration to optimise research into brain diseases, injuries and disorders

• Neuroscience Trials Australia is the second Australian research collaborator to join a major project led by TSS, to trial MediaConsent in a clinical research setting.

• The collaboration will apply the MediaConsent platform in a clinical setting, with the view to enhancing the experience for patients and carers in their treatment journey and clinical researchers in their research discovery and development goals.

• Neuroscience Trials Australia is a leading Australian based, not-for-profit contract research organisation specialising in neuroscience clinical research and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, the largest brain research institute in the southern hemisphere.

ShareRoot Limited (ASX: SRO) (‘ShareRoot’ or ‘the Company’) is pleased to announce acollaboration with The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health trading as Neuroscience Trials Australia.

The collaboration aims to explore the application of ShareRoot’s MediaConsent platform as a tool to improve the dynamics of clinical trial recruitment, patient engagement, and understanding of patients’ health-related behaviour through the use of social media and the proper accompanying consent processes.

Neuroscience Trials Australia is the second Australian research organisation to join the MediaConsent clinical collaboration project. Earlier this month, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, signed onto the project led by Michelle Gallaher, Managing Director of The Social Science (TSS), a Melbourne-based digital agency acquired by ShareRoot in April this year.

“With the MediaConsent platform, we will enable explore how patients may be able to participate in clinical research in a whole new way,” said Noah Abelson-Gertler. “Neuroscience Trials Australia offers us a wealth of knowledge and opportunity to shape the SaaS platform to deliver equal value for researchers and patients with neurological diseases, disorders, and injuries, whilst protecting patient data and privacy.’

Neuroscience Trials Australia has long recognised the value of social media in raising awareness about the value and process of clinical trials and has worked with TSS for two years now, building capabilities and a global digital footprint enhancing the organisation’s ability to attract new clinical trials in Australia, build digital capabilities within the clinical trial team, and most importantly recruit volunteers and physicians to participate in trials.

“Social media is fast becoming a business critical tool in clinical research, in helping us communicate with the public, letting them know about trial opportunities and recruiting volunteers and physicians to participate in new treatments,”’ said Dr Tina Soulis CEO of Neuroscience Trials Australia. “‘We’re excited to collaborate on this new and innovative approach, opening up a new world of compliant and ethically sourced real world data and insights for our researchers.”’

The shared goal with the MediaConsent clinical collaboration is to demonstrate how ShareRoot’s technology can protect patient data and privacy on social media whilst identify content that supports the advancement of clinical research within a secure and compliant platform.

Victoria has considerable strength in medical research and clinical trial activity as the largest medical research and biotechnology cluster in the Southern Hemisphere, and thus a natural choice to pilot the MediaConsent platform for this special purpose.

About Neuroscience Trials Australia
Neuroscience Trials Australia is an Australian-based, not-for-profit contract research organization (CRO) specializing in neuroscience clinical research. Neuroscience Trials Australia undertakes work with and for Australian and New Zealand neuroscience colleagues and thus have extensive experience and knowledge in therapeutic areas.
Therapeutic areas of expertise include epilepsy, stroke and stroke-related conditions, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease (AD)/cognitive disease studies, mental health and associated conditions, Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, Huntington’s disease, neurosurgery, pain, neuromuscular disease and migraine.
For more information, please contact:
Noah Abelson-Gertler
Co-Founder and CEO
E: info@shareroot.co

For investor and media inquiries contact: Ben Jarvis, Six Degrees Investor Relations: +61 (0) 413 150 448

About ShareRoot
The ShareRoot Group is becoming a major presence in the marketing data and privacy protection ecosystem. The expanding global awareness around consumer data and privacy issues makes ShareRoot’s platforms essential in this $14Bn market. ShareRoot has three platforms: ShareRoot’s Legal Rights Management UGC platform protecting against unauthorised use of people’s social and digital content, with clients including Johnson & Johnson, Singapore Tourism Board, and Costco; the profitable social media marketing agency ‘The Social Science’ that provides client services and account management layer behind the Group’s technology properties; thirdly, ShareRoot is launching the new MediaConsent platform which is the first platform to give consumers/citizens control of their data and privacy through a preference and consent management dashboard. ShareRoot’s global business is ideally positioned at the right time to solve the issues faced by consumers and companies in data and privacy in digital marketing. For more information about ShareRoot please visit www.shareroot.co (ASX:SRO)